Turning Companies into Communities

socialstar enables organisations to be part of a collective social impact movement and rewards individuals for every step they take towards making the planet and it’s people safer and more connected.

Simplified impact engagement.
Personalised participation.
Purpose driven culture.

We translate your organisation’s ESG goals into purposeful actions.

We offer engagement strategies that are best suited for your business and the outcome you wish to achieve by working with your key stakeholders.

Our technology is backed by behavioural science insights and intuitively offers a personalised experience that allows participants to select programmes and content they find enjoyable and engage in activities that interest them

A platform that enables organisations to achieve sustainability goals by enabling their employees to create social impact

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Climate commitments are now mainstream with net-zero serving as a guiding principle. The socialstar platform provides activities and challenges that help participants decode their individual carbon footprint and modify day-to-day actions that will lead to behavioural change.

Promoting Employee Health and Wellness

Our intuitive modules, offer employees engagement opportunities that are best suited to their needs and aspirations. The tracking mechanism will keep them updated and also suggest future course of action. Employees can also bond with other participants sharing similar interests and enlist in larger team activities.

Connecting with the community

socialstar has long standing relationships with local communities, and through that has a deep understanding of the needs of various stakeholders. We track and match both community and employee needs and create common activities, groups and communities. This enables programmes that are best aligned to your business and can also positively impact communities.

Programmes that help companies achieve compliance goals by
engaging employees in personally purposeful challenges

Trusted by teams from all industries